CALL FOR PAPERS: ASA annual meeting, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2018.

If you would like to participate in our panel, please email the panel organizers a 250 word abstract by March 1, 2018.
Please use the contact information below.


Panel Title: Race, Blackness, and Africa: West Africans in the Maghreb


Abstract (250 words):


In recent years, the Maghreb has become increasingly oriented toward the larger continent of Africa, refocusing its eastward gaze on its neighbors just south of the Sahara. While historians have shown growing interest in historic trans-Saharan contact and trade, comparatively little attention has been given to how contemporary migration of West Africans into the north have impacted Maghrebi culture, society, and everyday life more broadly. Whether through economic initiatives, newly (re)formed political bonds, or changing (im)migration patterns, this panel asks how North Africans are being compelled to rethink both their own africanité as well as the place of other Africans in Maghrebi societies.


This panel aims to bring together papers from a range of disciplines, on topics such as: contemporary interactions between North African black communities and recent West African immigrants; performances of blackness and Africanness in art and everyday life; competing imaginaries of race and blackness; the relationship between language, race, and racism; anti-racism movements; new geographies of place and identity; the role of work and labor in renegotiating racial identity; contemporary experiences of West Africans in the Maghreb. By shedding light on how the Maghreb’s changing relationship with Africa has permeated peoples’ everyday lives, this panel offers a starting point for critically rethinking the contemporary state of African studies and for asking larger questions about how disciplinary divisions frame scholarship, leading scholars of to largely ignore the impact of contemporary West African migration on Maghrebi conceptions of identity, language, religion, citizenship, and the nation.


Panel Organizers:
Kristin Gee Hickman
PhD Candidate, Anthropology, University of Chicago
Cynthia Becker, PhD
Associate Professor
Boston University
History of Art & Architecture Department


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